Aug 28, 2017

Episode Seven: On Choices and Championships

Hello from Hampton and Taipei!   Well, despite our resolution to put out an episode every two weeks, TASG ended up taking a (rather oblong) hiatus. The unfortunate departure from qwerty mongering was mainly due to my looming big-scary-thesis deadline, as well as Sarah’s intensive MCAT studies. As a result, this installation arrives on the eve …

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Apr 11, 2017

Episode Six: In the Spare Air

Hello from Flagstaff!   About a week before we left Victoria, Sarah and I joined the rest of our crew at The Cottage, a dwelling that serves as the WestHub’s guesthouse. We crammed into cushy chairs and clustered over the backs of couches. From the center of the room, Trent and Heather debriefed us on …

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Mar 26, 2017

Episode Five: Save the Fire for Race Day

In high school, Sarah trained out of the halls of Fredericton High. Shoelaces knotted tight, she would run intervals across Main Street’s scuffed linoleum. Back and forth down the cement tunnel; back and forth beneath the dim fluorescent lights. She’d rest, count down the watch, and launch into another repeat. Her heart rate would shoot …

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Mar 7, 2017

Episode Four: The Alter Egos

Light rain drizzled from the stormy Victoria sky. Ahead, a grey and glass building emerged from a cover of arbutus trees and fog. Pacific Institute of Sport Excellence in the moody morning I mused, as I closed the writing app on my phone and hopped off the bus. The weight of my backpack settled on …

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Feb 20, 2017

Episode Three: Race Day!

On our last night in San Diego, Sarah and I walked down to the track. Sarah had left her roller there and needed to pack it before our morning departure. The cool night air seeped through my leather jacket and cotton PJs. The training centre was quiet and dark, save for lanterns in the bushes. …

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