Feb 8, 2017

Episode Two: Under the San Diego Sun

Our legs wobbling with fatigue, Sarah, Kala, and I trundled towards the cafeteria. Bags drooped from our shoulders and our foamrollers dragged from our fingertips. The wind rustled the leaves of a scrubby bush; my tongue swelled like a dehydrated slug. The San Diego sun beat down on us with the fire of Hades. Sarah …

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Jan 30, 2017

Episode One: Facing The Gale

Hello from San Diego!   Last week, Sarah and I departed YYJ and flew south. For the next three weeks, we get to bask in the heat at Athletics Canada‚Äôs warm weather training camp! We touched down on the San Diego tarmac late in the evening, and shortly after, we arrived at the US Olympic …

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